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The agent of a letter

The agent of a letter

JinAn New Packaging regional agents,

Hello! Thank you for the love, jin an product for your company will continue to support, on behalf of lanzhou gold in the AnXin packaging Co., LTD. All my colleagues, sincerely say: "hard".

"Agent" jin an idea is already on each staff heart, not your success is no development of enterprise, we have is the blame, Shared interests of the family, the paper bags for playing as yarn composite packaging industry of China in the first brand "and" joint efforts, struggle!

In the past few years is reviewed, our paper yarn composite bag making machine in the fierce competition in the market for a company, complete set of various development goals. Sales network has covered the whole China 14 provinces. We constantly optimize product quality, increase the content of science and technology, the content of science and technology today because tomorrow is the product market capacity. We believe, in the near future of our new product will be marketed in the market, win more market share, but also for our friends all partners with wider development space.

Although we in the past few years has achieved great success, but we must also recognize and deficiency, welcome to our valuable partner. We must also be in the future developing continuously, find and solve problems and to correct the problem, to adapt to the development of the market.

Sincere greetings and thanks! Wishing you all the business is thriving!


Chairman: WangMingSheng
Lanzhou gold AnXin packing Co., LTD

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