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China's packaging industry paying attention to packaging safety standards

China today, a demanding health and safety norms of consumer market is emerging, and actively improve the standard system packaging industry has become an urgent task. Standardization is not only a reflection of the level of industrial development, but also help promote the healthy development of the industry. 
It was reported recently in different parts of the food packaging manufacturers and packaging trade associations more depressed - "packaging" has become a stumbling block food exports, mainly from national safety standards for food packaging lag. 

With the expansion of international trade and development, standardization has become an important tool for international competition. By the end of 2006, the EU introduced a "right to be covered pad for contact with food provisions in the transitional limits of plasticizers," the draft regulations (the notification No. 301), food contact materials with the new limits proposed regulations. Ningbo had some food exports were returned, because packaging materials did not meet the required standards notification No. 301. 

At present, China GB17762-1999 "heat-resistant glassware safety and health requirements" and GB9685-2003 "food containers, packaging materials additives use of health standards," the two hygiene standards narrow the scope of the provisions of the project, informed by the inclusion of plasticizers, nucleating agents, silver glass in the two standards are not required, export and food contact glass and plastic products, sanitary standards in the blank. 

According to the National Packaging Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center personnel, food and pharmaceutical packaging in China involved in more behind the standards, 80 standards, only after more than 30 built in 2000. Shows that the safety standards of food packaging needs improvement. 

Fortunately, more and more of the industry has recognized the "standard" the importance of a series of standards begin to emerge, or is brewing. 

China's import and export food packaging industry-standard system frame structure has been established, "the import and export food packaging containers, packaging materials, the inspection supervision regulations," from August 1 this year since the implementation of, all for the import and export food packaging containers, packaging materials, must undergo strict inspection and quarantine supervision and management. 

According to the National Development and Reform Commission Notice (No. 16 of 2007), "co-extruded multi-layer barrier film packaging General", "containers aluminum pesticide containers," "plastic logistics flow box," "pesticide containers plastic containers," "Pulp Products Industrial Packaging", "modular security cap," the industry standard was approved on March 6 release, and will come into operation on 1 September. 

April 10, the National Organization of Standardization Technical Committee packaging Tetra Pak China (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Shandong Spring Forest Packaging Co., Ltd., met with representatives of nine units, scheduled in October this year Finish "aseptic packaging of liquid Si Pin composite paper material "and" preservation of liquid food packaging paper-based composite materials (roof package), "draft for the two national standards, to ensure that submitted material to reach the end of the Standardization Administration of the Department review. 

In packaging machinery, has set many industry standards are being drafted. For example, the National Standardization Technical Committee Packaging Machinery Sub-Committee organization plans to develop "transparent film 3D packaging machine" and "tube Filling and Sealing Machine" and 17 national industry standard products. 

In the past, domestic enterprises are only the executors of a standard, and now enterprises are starting to become the standard of the subject and the system redactor, strive to take their 核心 patented our technology in industry standards, national standards and even international standard. 

Enterprise from passive to active, increased with the national standardization agencies and industry associations to communicate, not directly Zhi Although he begins with revised standard, but through the continued active participation can not only learn about the latest technological developments and standards, they may increase its own with the original patent was written to the standard of the opportunity. More and more businesses see lead the country, the importance of industry standards, such as Foshan Nanhai Dongxing Plastic Can Manufacture Co., to be responsible for drafting the "polyolefin plastic drum," "crisis of plastic pesticide containers," already obtain state approval, will be formally implemented in 2007 in the country. According to the chairman Luo, since the introduction, through the implementation of standardization strategy, and achieved remarkable economic and social benefits: science and technology to enhance management level and grade; enhance brand impact and brand image; promote enterprise production and management development; to promote market out inferior products, protect consumer interests and so on.  

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