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Packing bag national standards

National Standardization Technical Committee packaging bags sub-committee recently held a meeting in Beijing to consider the adoption of the GB9774 "packing bag" for the revised manuscript. After the bags of Sub-Committee responsible for drafting the standard units of the Secretariat and the Institute of Chinese building materials of cement and new material by delegates under changes proposed to the draft for revised and improved standards of Draft for Approval has been completed. Provisions of the standards as mandatory standards, the National Standardization Technical Committee packaging bags sub-committee reported to relevant authorities for approval release, expected June 1, 2002 implementation. 

The newly revised "packing bag" for the comparison with the 1996 version of the standard, whether content or form, great changes have taken place. Mainly in the following areas: 

1,A new standard eliminated paper bag bottom slit to provide a paper bag for packing cement paste all of the bottom bags. 

2, From the occupational safety and health point of view, the new standard provides specifications than 50 kg bag, it can also use the small size bags, and gives recommendations of 25 kg packing bag size. In addition, the provisions of the coated composite plastic woven bags and woven bags cloth mass per unit area, tensile load, peel strength and other physical performance. 

3, The packing bag for the temperature and the degree of index firmly together with assessment, in accordance with the provisions of bag materials, were packing bags for different types of temperature by removing the bag is not broken by frequency of drop bags grade requirements. The new standard specifies packing bag paper bag for the temperature 60 ℃ and 80 ℃ were divided into two types, coated plastic woven bags and composite bags of sub-80 ℃, 90 ℃ and 100 ℃ of three. Fastness tests were required to apply in setting the annealing temperature after the drop test, take five samples tested bags, bags for each sample the number of drop does not break no less than 8 times. If up to less than 8 times, then set the temperature and strong degree of application of the two indicators are unsatisfactory. 

4, an increase of packing bag technology adaptation requirements. The cement plant the packaging system is stable, the packing bag packing should be able to meet the normal requirements and its bagged cement after a packaging machine break package rate shall be not more than 3 ‰. 

5, on the factory test, type test items and decision rules were provided for. The new standard specifies the factory test project does not meet the requirements, the sub-batch failed, do not allow re-examination; the type of test other than the addition to the appearance of any one item does not meet requirements, take two groups to allow double the size of test samples, all in compliance with requirements When passing sentence for the type test, otherwise unqualified. 

6, the material to the cement strength and moisture resistance test methods have been adjusted. In short, the revised standards to improve the packing bag packing bag quality, to meet the plant's packaging requirements, standard bag manufacturing industry, promoting technological progress, will play an important role.

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